The global reference in quick-release hydraulic couplings

Faster S.r.l. is the global reference in quick-release hydraulic couplings, casting solutions and multi-connection for mobile and stationary applications.

Faster is an Italian company, headquartered near Milan, with 70 years’ experience in the hydraulic industry. We have designed and manufactured over five hundred million quick-release couplings and registered more than 80 patents.

A Reliable Partner in Designing Tailor Made Solutions

Since the beginning, Faster has been able to engage important OEM customers and become the reliable partner in designing tailor made solutions and products that have become the benchmark in the market. Our most important end user markets are Agriculture and Construction Equipment, where couplings are crucial to make the equipment easy and flexible. Additional markets are represented by highly diversified applications for general industry, Oil & Gas and various high-pressure applications.

Ready to Become the Global Market Leader in Evolved Hydraulic Coupling Solutions

The company’s Vision for 2025 is to become the global market leader in evolved hydraulic coupling solutions at continued superior financial performance. As the market is moving toward solutions with higher integration of electronics and hydraulics, Faster intends to lead the way in offering smart solutions. At the same time, Faster will continue to reinforce its leadership in the Agriculture market, and grow both the general distribution and Construction Equipment sectors. These initiatives will be facilitated by the ongoing development of standard and tailor made products and by relationships with market leading OEMs, which historically have been strengths of the company.

Widening Our Global Footprint

Faster, leveraging from Helios’ Group structure, is widening its global footprint to get closer to and better serve local customers.

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