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Helios Technologies is a global technology leader in the hydraulics and electronics markets. We develop and manufacture innovative products and solutions, including customized electronic control systems, hydraulic cartridge valves and quick release couplings for various end markets. Our products enrich customers’ lives across 90 countries and empower them to do more than they could have imagined.

In 2021, we introduced our augmented strategy – The Helios Business System. We plan to transform into a global integrated operating company by leveraging sales, marketing, innovation, customer relationships and operational excellence across all our businesses. This strategy includes:

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Our highly engineered motion control and electronic controls technology are used in a variety of end markets including; industrial, mobile, agriculture, recreational, and health and wellness. To achieve our financial goals and be a leading provider in niche markets, we are exploring opportunities for diversified applications in specialty vehicles, commercial HVAC, commercial foodservice, manufacturing and off-road vehicles.

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The Helios Business System is driving our current augmented strategy, with both organic and inorganic growth. Through acquisitions, we can diversify product offerings, increase the markets we serve, expand our geographic footprint, and meet growth and profitability goals.

In the last year, we have accomplished many goals and acquired new companies.

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Advancing Technologies within our Business Segments

Our company operates under two business segments, hydraulics and electronics. Between these two segments, we provide various end markets with products and custom solutions.


Our hydraulics segment focuses on three key technologies: cartridge valve technology, quick-release hydraulic couplings solutions and hydraulic system design. These technologies enable us to develop products and solutions that are typically used in the agriculture, construction equipment and industrial markets and are sold by the Sun Hydraulics and Faster brands.

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As of Dec. 31, 2023 • 2023 10-K


Our electronics segment provides a wide range of advanced manufacturing and engineering capabilities used in various markets including off-highway, recreational and commercial marine, power sports, health and wellness, and more. The electronic controls and displays we develop are sold by our operating companies: Enovation Controls and Balboa Water Group brands.

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As of Dec. 31, 2023 • 2023 10-K

How We are Accelerating Growth

To reach our financial goals, we are focused on multiple areas of growth.

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Customer Experiences

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By using a streamlined customer experience, customers will be able to use a single point of contact when buying products from multiple subsidiaries. This approach allows us to increase our wallet share by introducing customers to our other operating companies’ products. With this approach, we can delve further into the markets we are in and expand to adjacent ones.


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With the Helios Center for Engineering Excellence, we are integrating our research and development process to drive further growth. By working together across operating companies, we can work on hybrid projects and comprehensive solutions for customers. This process reduces risk, downtime and overhead while improving innovation.

Operational Excellence

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One way we are growing the company is through our manufacturing and supply chain footprint. This allows us to create good, better and best commercial strategies. The breadth of resources across operating companies can be leveraged to increase profitability. With our expansive global manufacturing footprint, we can increase end-market growth and revenue diversification.

A Responsible Corporate Citizen

The company was founded on the principle of treating others as one wants to be treated ever since its founding in 1970. We continue to create new environmental and social policies to improve our communities and reduce our impact on the environment.

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Seasoned Leadership Team at the Helm

Armed with a depth of experience and vast knowledge, our leadership team enhances our competitive advantage with innovation and responsiveness.

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