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"Helios Technologies’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities are the living, operating principles by which we measure ourselves and shape our behavior on a daily basis." - Josef Matosevic, President & Chief Executive Officer

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Our Purpose, Mission and Shared Values Shape our ESG-centric culture.

“This isn’t just the Helios Technologies Purpose, but the compass that directs each of us in making better decisions. It is who we are when we are at our best and it is the heart of the Helios Business System.”

The Helios Business System was developed through a transparent stakeholder process that included our employees, customers, and investors. Internally, we worked across the organization to look at our future − how we are going to win and how we are going to design and build a business system to create strong differentiation and separate ourselves from the competition.

“Our trusted global brands deliver technology solutions that ensure safety, reliability, connectivity and control.” – Our Purpose

Our Mission is inclusive of not only our strong emphasis on being financially responsible but also recognizing the non-financial aspects of our business and strategy: the environmental, social and governance topics we must consider if we are to continue to grow and deliver on our Purpose.

Our business system aligns our mission of protecting the business, thinking and acting globally, diversifying markets and revenue, and developing talent with our shared values of accountability, integrity, inclusion, leadership, and innovation. Our mission and shared values drive our purpose.

As an organization, we use our Shared Values as a guide to ensure we act in everyone’s best interest to achieve our Mission, especially when approaching our most important ESG topics. They are echoed throughout our approach and enable us to recognize and manage ESG at Helios.

ESG Integration at Helios

Helios creates technology solutions that bring our customers’ products to life and ensure their safety, reliability, connectivity, and control across many industries including construction, material handling, agriculture, energy, recreational vehicles, marine, and health & wellness. We design and manufacture highly engineered motion control and electronic control technologies: to make the world better, safer, and even more fun.

A key to our continued growth and innovation abilities is having a deep awareness and understanding of not only our own environmental and social impacts but those that shape our entire value chain. This is notably reflected in the integrated approach we use to design and manufacture the components we create: from solutions that reduce our customers’ impact on the environment all the way through to how we source materials and use efficient and safe manufacturing practices.

And just like the components we create that help make the world better, our comprehensive approach to ESG makes us better.

Aligning our Company’s Goals with ESG

Meeting our goal of becoming the leading provider of premier products and solutions in specialty niche markets through innovative product development and acquisition requires an overarching approach that addresses the environmental and social aspects of our entire business. As a result, our market performance proves the value of employing these seven key ESG enablers throughout Helios, helping us make progress towards our goal.

How our long-term business strategy aligns with ESG
1. Building in the region, for the region

As we source and supply what we can regionally, our manufacturing strategy mitigates global supply chain risks, reduces our environmental footprint, and adds diverse talent to our team, all while positively impacting the economies and communities in which we operate.

2. Proven Merger and Acquisition Framework

We seek companies with innovative cultures who will add capacity, capabilities, fit within our strategic imperatives, and who actively prioritize environmental and social responsibility.

3. Manufacturing and Operations

We make significant capital investments in technology and responsible manufacturing efficiencies and employ activities throughout our operations to continually improve our productivity.

4. Accelerating innovation to keep people and the environment safer

Our diverse teams use a customer-centric culture to develop long-lasting products that keep end users and our environment safer and create components that use less energy.

5. Diversifying Markets and Products

We continually review our processes to reduce our energy consumption and that of our customers, often leading us to new markets and solutions that align with our focus on social and environmental responsibility.

6. Talent Development

So that our employees can acquire skills to support their career growth and development, we provide company-sponsored training and partner with outside training and assistance programs.

7. Helios Center of Engineering Excellence (HCEE)

To accelerate product development and create scalable platforms, our HCEE offers customers a competitive single-supplier solution to minimize their risk and optimize their applications.

Please read about our detailed approach in the ESG section of our 2024 Proxy link here.

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