Agriculture plays a critical role in our life, providing food and raw material. It impacts so many things that it's hard to imagine a world without agriculture. Helios products cover numerous areas of Agricultural applications, ranging from standard to more peculiar ones, a great variety of devices with a wide range of complexity. The most common types of equipment and machinery used on farms include tractors, balers, combines, planters, and sprayers.

Tractor Rear Lines

Connection between tractor and implement. Quick-release couplings allow a fast change of the attachments. There is a wide range of implements that get frequently changed based on necessity. Thanks to the push-pull couplings, the connection is easy to perform with one hand only, even when the value of trapped pressure on implement side is remarkable.

Tractor with Front Loader

There is a hydraulic connection between the tractor and a front loader, with a fork for instance. The multiconnection allows the implement to move in different directions and ease the quick connection of multiples lines in one simple maneuver with no oil leaks and no risk of wrong connections. Front loaders can be used for lifting and transporting material such as wood, rocks, soil and debris.


A harvester is a machine which cuts and often collects crops such as wheat, maize, or vegetables. There is a connection of hydraulic lines between the harvester and its headers. Thanks to a multi-connection or an Integrated Solution, it is possible to make a quick connection and disconnection of more lines in a single maneuver when changing the header.

Tipper Semitrailers

Tipper trailers are perfect for hauling and dumping large debris materials like bricks, rocks, and gravel as well as any sort of heavy materials. Tipper semitrailers are a typical application where the high flow coupling series proves to be really useful. As the bin gets down, a massive flow of oil moves back towards the tractor.

Combine Harvester

As with all commercial agricultural equipment, efficient, accurate control of critical functions is key. Our reel control manifold precisely controls the raise, lower, extend, and retract functions of a combine reel while preventing drift with extremely low-leakage poppet-style electro-hydraulic valves. Integrating our quick-release couplings allows the machine operator to safely, quickly, and reliably disconnect and reconnect the header to the combine.

Planter Seeder

Key to seed planter optimization is accurate and efficient depth control as the planter moves across an uneven field, ensuring consistent planting depth results in yield optimization. And our rugged, high-reliability solenoid-operated switching valves can deliver.

Tractor Sprayer

Our electro-proportional priority flow control valves control the speed of the spinner and augur functions to adjust the application of materials such as fertilizers in agricultural equipment. To ensure efficient and even spread of the materials, our XMD valve driver, using CAN bus, automatically adjusts motor speeds as the vehicle speed changes, avoiding overfertilization and protecting the environment. Braking control and anti-cavitation are provided by our line of counterbalance valves.

Center Pivot

Helios offers sophisticated controls with reliable automation and customizable features that are engineered for quick and simple installation on all your agricultural equipment. Our line of displays, controllers, and process monitoring instruments are built with rugged materials to withstand the toughest environments and provide the power you need for your heavy-duty pumping jobs. We offer solutions designed to work with mechanical and electronic engines, including the latest final Tier 4 and Euro Stage V engines.

Frost Protection

Helios offers control systems designed to protect crops and extend viability during growing season. Designed to enhance the operation of wind machines, heaters, drainage systems, and targeted sprinklers, Helios provides solutions to protect crops from harmful frost damage. With controls that are built to withstand the harshest of conditions and environments, Helios Technologies provides control solutions that monitor water flow based on temperature to create an efficient watering system to protect crops from detrimental frost.

Zero Turn Mower

Helios provides powerful solutions for heavy-duty jobs, including zero-turn mowers. Designed for all weather conditions, our controls are approved to withstand harsh conditions and stand the test of time. Software solutions can be used to track and communicate the performance of each individual mower, so you have the most efficient lawn maintenance solutions ready to go at your fingertips. With our products, you can count on precision control and accuracy for all your zero turn mower applications.

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Helios products cover numerous areas of Agricultural applications.

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