Energy plays a critical role in our life, defined as the ability to do work. The modern civilization we live in today is possible because people have learned how to change energy from one form to another and then harness that energy to do work. Helios products cover numerous areas of Energy Applications, ranging from low energy use to high energy use, from simple to complex energy conversion. The most common types of equipment and machinery used to harness energy include wind turbines, hydraulic torquing machines, wave energy, solar panel tilt, and electronic controllers & displays. Energy represents the historical and traditional base for electronics and mechanical & electro-hydraulics, making equipment work both harder and smarter.

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Solar Panel Positioning System

To maximize the full advantage of the sun’s rays throughout the day, our electro-hydraulic valves, in concert with counterbalance, relief, and check valves, provide position control of solar panels.

Wind Turbine

Nowhere is energy efficiency more important than in alternative energy systems such as wind turbines. In addition, because they operate in more remote locations, reliability is a key concern. Downtime is expensive. Our long-life, high-performance balanced poppet logic valves and flow control valves provide critical fine pitch control of the turbine blades to maximize energy generation, while our counterbalance valves ensure reliable braking and load holding.

Top Drive Oil Drilling Systems

A top drive system is basically an engine suspended from a hook that provides torque to the drill string for drilling a borehole; in comparison to alternative systems (like rotary table and kelly drive) it offers time efficiency, less manual labor and safety risks during drilling operations. Several hydraulic, electrical, and pneumatic lines connect the rig floor to the top drive.

A significant reduction of rig setup time associated to connection and disconnection of hydraulic lines is ensured thanks to the use of quick couplings as well as an easier handling.

Portable Well Drilling Machines

Man-portable drilling rig, fully hydraulic, suitable to areas (such as mountains, marshes, forests, etc.) where vehicles/big equipment can not easily access. It is designed to be divided into modules connectable through quick-release couplings. The maximum drilling depth is about 30 meters, the weight of the heaviest module doesn't exceed 75 kg.

The main benefit provided by quick-release couplings is an easier dismantling for transportation.

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Helios components are built to survive wear, tear and weather just like your equipment.

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Designed to be intuitive and work-site friendly, Helios products enable your machinery to perform reliably in harsh environments.

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Helios products cover numerous areas of Agricultural applications.

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We deliver performance-enhancing technology and components that thrive in all environment types.

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Health & Wellness

Our fundamental commitment to the health and wellness industry has been to provide a simple, comprehensive, single source solution to our products.

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Helios products cover numerous areas of Energy Applications, ranging from low energy use to high energy use.

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Commercial Equipment

Adaptable displays and instruments for use in vehicles big and small.

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