Holding Ourselves Accountable Through Strong Governance

Our strong ethics, governance and long-term business strategy has contributed to Helios’ record of paying a cash dividend to its shareholders every quarter since becoming a public company in 1997. In 2022, Helios was ranked #39 on Forbes America’s Best Mid-size Companies list, which is based on earnings growth, sales growth, return on equity and total stock return for the latest 12 months and over the last 5 years. We also demonstrate performance through our continually evolving ESG governance and approach to planning, execution, continuous improvement, auditing and tracking of these efforts.

Board Level ESG Governance

Environmental, Social and Governance Committee

Accountability starts with board-level oversight of ESG to address non-financial topics of interest to our investors, shareholders, and other stakeholders. In March 2021, the Board of Directors created an Environmental, Social and Governance Committee (“ESG Committee”), which oversees the Company’s corporate governance practices, as well as social, environmental, enterprise risk and other matters.

Review our ESG Committee board charter here.

ESG Responsibility Throughout the Organization

Our Chief Executive Officer reports quarterly to the Board ESG Committee and at least annually to the Board regarding material risks facing the Company, risks it may face in the future, measures that management has employed to address those risks and other information relating to how risk analysis is incorporated into the Company’s corporate strategy and day-to-day business operations.

The Senior Vice President of Global Manufacturing Operations has the main oversight responsibility to ensure Helios provides enhanced disclosure on environmental issues and that it continues a targeted approach to address risk and material concerns in the way we design, manufacture and deliver our products. This approach will help eliminate risks to shareholders and their financial interests and promote leadership accountability.

Corporate Responsibility Policy

A large part of our success is reflective of the positive impact we make on the world around us. Our Corporate Responsibility Policy represents a vision for how we can improve our company, including its financial performance, by incorporating environmental sustainability and social responsibility both in our daily operations and long-term goals. Key components of the policy include Sustainability and the Environment, and Social Responsibility.

Review our Corporate Responsibility Policy here.

Ethics and Compliance

Our high ethical standards are the DNA that drive us as we protect the business, think and act globally, and diversify end markets. Our commitment to fundamental ethical principles, including diversity and respect for the dignity of every individual, is reflected in our ethical policies and compliance measures. Now more than ever, in such a rapidly changing world, we leverage and lean on our collective guiding principles and codes to provide clear guidelines towards ethical practices and decisions.

We invite you to explore the following policies:

A summary of each policy can also be found in our 2022 Proxy (ESG section) available here.