Health & Wellness

Hot tubs, swim spas, whirlpool baths and walk-in tubs can bring years of delight, entertainment, amusement, relaxation, happiness and satisfaction. They give you an opportunity to spend time with friends and family members. Or, maybe they are used to relax and relieve stress by yourself; providing both numerous health and fitness benefits. Our fundamental commitment to the health and wellness industry has been to provide a simple, comprehensive, single source solution to our products that include the highest quality in control systems, pumps, jets, lighting and water sanitization – a mentality that has earned us the position as the leading global supplier of product design, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and an unsurpassed reputation for reliability.

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Hot Tub

Helios provides quality products for the portable hot tub that are second to none in the industry. Whether your hot tub is equipped with control panels, designed to have a simple and intuitive user interface, world-class lighting, or with an immersive musical experience, Helios’ superior products and impressive designs are built on decades of experience and a wide range of expertise within the health and wellness industry.

Swim Spa

All the benefits of a hot tub, combined with the peace of mind of Helios’ proven technology, a swim spa offers great flexibility to deliver the best results. Whether you want to relax and kick your feet up or optimize a swim workout, Helios offers a quality product for every occasion, from pumps that exceed expectations to the finest selection of jets paired with our versatile swim software and innovative control panels, to create the complete Swim Spa experience.

Whirlpool Bath/Walk-in Tub

Relax the muscles, while stimulating the production of endorphins in the body. Surround yourself with millions of tiny warm bubbles that provide a soft tissue massage. This aids in the relief of pain, soothes the body, aids in muscle relaxation, increases blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and improves the oxygen flow through the body, all with Helios’ therapeutic whirlpool and walk-in tub products and accessories.. With Helios’ unrivaled product line, to include air jets, wrist jets, massage pumps, LED lighting and ControlMyBath™ with Alexa intelligent voice control, the whirlpool tub or walk-in bath provides customization at the highest level, where no detail is left to chance.

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Helios components are built to survive wear, tear and weather just like your equipment.

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Designed to be intuitive and work-site friendly, Helios products enable your machinery to perform reliably in harsh environments.

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Helios products cover numerous areas of Agricultural applications.

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We deliver performance-enhancing technology and components that thrive in all environment types.

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Health & Wellness

Our fundamental commitment to the health and wellness industry has been to provide a simple, comprehensive, single source solution to our products.

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Helios products cover numerous areas of Energy Applications, ranging from low energy use to high energy use.

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Commercial Equipment

Adaptable displays and instruments for use in vehicles big and small.

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