Commercial Equipment

Helios displays and instruments are tough and flexible: adaptable enough for use in vehicles big and small. We were pioneers in offering the latest CAN-based display, instrument and control systems for industrial engines, and we continue to expand our partnerships with vehicle and equipment manufacturers.

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Tapping into a diverse market, flow control and load holding valves provide precise pressure and motion control for pill stamping machines to efficiently mark each tablet.


Helios provides durable and powerful solutions for a variety of utility and specialty vehicles. Whether the application is an emergency vehicle or military vehicle, our products equip operators with optimum usability and precise control of the machine. We continually push for solutions to make your work as safe as possible. With features that allow you to maximize your vehicle’s usability, you can keep an eye on your crew and focus on the work at hand.

Mass Transit Bus

Local governments invest heavily in operating and maintaining fleets of buses for mass transit. Our integrated, closed-loop hydraulic fan drive controls include an inverse proportional relief. With this design, we provide more efficient cooling control, adjusting fan speed based on engine temperature rather than engine speed, delivering greater air flow when it’s needed most and conserving energy when engine temperatures are lower.

Electric Vehicle

Helios Technologies provides sustainable and powerful product solutions for a variety of electric vehicles. Our cutting-edge displays, instruments and control products are designed to be seamlessly integrated into a variety of applications while providing you with the latest connectivity and control features. Equipping electric vehicles in retail, delivery, and transit industries, Helios utilizes the expertise of its operating companies to enable more efficient and cost-effective transportation. Developed as a system solution, our products give you everything your vehicles needs to get you to your destination safely. In an effort to decrease emissions and make a positive global impact, Helios aims to partner with more sustainable manufacturers in a variety of markets.

Emergency/Military Vehicle

Helios provides durable and powerful solutions for a variety of specialty vehicles. Whether the application is an emergency vehicle or military vehicle, our displays and controls equip you with optimum usability and precise control. Versatile machines demand versatile products; our displays and controllers are designed to fit with a wide range of applications and give you a customized user experience. The rugged nature of our displays and products are the perfect match and allow you to operate your specialty vehicle in the harshest environments.

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Helios components are built to survive wear, tear and weather just like your equipment.

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Designed to be intuitive and work-site friendly, Helios products enable your machinery to perform reliably in harsh environments.

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Helios products cover numerous areas of Agricultural applications.

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We deliver performance-enhancing technology and components that thrive in all environment types.

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Health & Wellness

Our fundamental commitment to the health and wellness industry has been to provide a simple, comprehensive, single source solution to our products.

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Helios products cover numerous areas of Energy Applications, ranging from low energy use to high energy use.

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Commercial Equipment

Adaptable displays and instruments for use in vehicles big and small.

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