Helios Technologies Introduces the Next Display Platform™

Innovative open platform electronic displays bring value and functionality to broader end markets

SARASOTA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Helios Technologies (NYSE: HLIO) (“Helios” or the “Company”) a global leader in highly engineered motion control and electronic controls technology for diverse end markets, announced today the launch of the Next Display Platform™. This is a flexible, integrated bundle of core features and technologies allowing Helios to bring lighter, faster and more cost-effective control systems to new end markets.

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New Next Display Platform™  (Photo: Business Wire)

New Next Display Platform™ (Photo: Business Wire)

“The new Next Display Platform™ is a major opportunity for our customers in industries where a robust, ruggedized, sophisticated, high-resolution display had previously not been an economical option,” said Josef Matosevic, the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “With the Next Display Platform™, we are excited to help customers experience both the value and the simplicity of touchscreen control through an enhanced end-user’s experience on more equipment in more places.”

The Next Display Platform™ will be available from brands in Helios’ Electronics segment. Initially, it will be offered in 5-inch and 7-inch sizes with software and hardware benefits appealing to equipment manufacturers across a variety of market segments. The platform will be available in full production quantities starting in the first quarter 2023.

“One of the most important advantages of the Next Display Platform™ is that it runs on an open, Linux-based operating system which is a new design approach for Helios,” said Doug Conyers, Vice President of Helios Center of Engineering Excellence. “This means that customers will be able to leverage a larger ecosystem of talent and resources to scale their applications, extend machine functionality and bring new customer solutions to the market more quickly.”

Core hardware features designed into the new platform provide OEMs the ability to take full control of equipment. This includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless communications, as well as CAN and RS-485 interfaces. It will also allow for digital and analog inputs, low-side outputs, and a touchscreen designed for wet and dry use.

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Helios Technologies is a global leader in highly engineered motion control and electronic controls technology for diverse end markets, including construction, material handling, agriculture, energy, recreational vehicles, marine and health and wellness. Helios sells its products to customers in over 90 countries around the world. Its strategy for growth is to be the leading provider in niche markets, with premier products and solutions through innovative product development and acquisition. The Company has paid a cash dividend to its shareholders every quarter since becoming a public company in 1997. For more information please visit: www.heliostechnologies.com

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