An Innovative Manufacturer of Electronic Controls

Enovation Controls is an innovative manufacturer of electronic controls and displays for diverse markets. We are an international leader in fully tailored solutions for engines, engine-driven equipment and specialty vehicles with a broad range of displays, controls and instrumentation products.

Long known as an industry leader for cutting-edge electronic control technology, Enovation Controls conquers complex system challenges by rapidly leveraging our product platforms and engineering expertise to deliver remarkable, integrated solutions.

Serving Customers Around the World

With an internationally diverse team of over 300 employees, we serve customers around the world with global sales, manufacturing and engineering operations. Enovation Controls partners directly with OEMs and supports a worldwide network of authorized distributors and system integrators.

Swift Delivery to Meet Customer Demands

Substantial investment in our manufacturing capabilities enables swift delivery of product on aggressive timelines to meet customer demand. Capitalizing on our success in the specialty vehicle markets and applying that to the growing off-highway OEM space is a targeted focus, while we continue to pursue markets that are not fully leveraged.

Delivering Emissions-compliant Configurable Solutions

As OEMs fully transition to heightened emissions regulations, Enovation Controls is ahead of the development curve to meet this need with emissions-compliant configurable solutions.

Customer Retention

Our stable of mechanical components enables us to retain customers in developing regions as we transition them to fully electronic solutions.

Capturing the Fast-growing Global Construction Machinery Market

With the combined synergies under the Helios umbrella we are positioned well to capture the fast-growing global construction machinery market and expand our reach across the industrial and recreational segments. We believe we will meet Vision 2025 as the leading single-source supplier of cutting-edge, integrated electronic control solutions.

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