Helios Technologies Extends and Upsizes Credit Facility, While Reducing Borrowing Spreads

SARASOTA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Helios Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: HLIO) (“Helios” or the “Company”), a global leader in highly engineered motion control and electronic controls technology, today announced it has entered into an amendment and restatement of its existing term loans and revolving credit facility (“amended credit agreement”) to extend debt maturities, strengthen and streamline its lender group, reduce borrowing spreads, and expand the borrowing capacity under both its revolving credit facility and accordion feature.

“The amended credit agreement supports our efforts to optimize our capital structure while providing the financial flexibility to execute on our strategic priorities,” said Josef Matosevic, President and Chief Executive Officer of Helios. “We remain committed to vigilantly managing the Company’s financial resources for the long-term by upsizing our credit facility and reducing the borrowing spreads for credit advances.”

The amended credit agreement extends debt maturity for five years to June 25, 2029, upsizes the Company’s revolving credit facility from $400 million to $500 million, and establishes a new $300 million term loan that refinances and replaces the previous term loan. The accordion feature is increased by $100 million, to $400 million. The amended credit agreement also reduces borrowing spreads by a range of 25 basis points bps to 50 bps compared to the previous credit agreement, dependent upon the Company’s net leverage ratio. In addition, the LIBOR to SOFR transitionary credit spread adjustment of 10 bps has been eliminated.

“An efficient debt structure is an integral element that supports our disciplined capital deployment, which in turn will drive long-term value creation for our shareholders. We sincerely appreciate the support of our banking partners in this endeavor,” said Sean Bagan, Chief Financial Officer of Helios.

PNC Bank, National Association served as administrative agent for the new credit agreement.

About Helios Technologies

Helios Technologies is a global leader in highly engineered motion control and electronic controls technology for diverse end markets, including construction, material handling, agriculture, energy, recreational vehicles, marine and health and wellness. Helios sells its products to customers in over 90 countries around the world. Its strategy for growth is to be the leading provider in niche markets, with premier products and solutions through innovative product development and acquisition. The Company has paid a cash dividend to its shareholders every quarter since becoming a public company in 1997. For more information please visit: www.heliostechnologies.com and follow us on LinkedIn.


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